Introduction To How Re-charter Is Done

If you are reading this, you probably have just been asked to “re-charter” your “unit” and are full of questions. You also may be a little anxious, wondering “what in the world have I gotten myself into?” because everyone else was so relieved when you agreed to do it.

So let’s start with some of those questions:

What is a unit?

That’s the Pack, Troop, Team, Crew, or Ship that asked you to do this. Units in our area operate under the local Alamo Area Council Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The Council assigns each unit to a District, a geographic part of AAC’s area of operations. A unit always has a Unit Leader who is responsible for seeing that a program is delivered to the youth members. The Unit Leader has a title like Advisor, Cub Master, Scout Master, Coach, or Skipper. A unit has at least three adults who serve as the Unit Committee that supports the Unit Leader.

What is re-charter?

BSA issues a charter through the local Council to a Chartered Organization, like the Church or other organization that owns your unit, which allows it to use a BSA program to serve youth in its community. For example, a Cub Scout Pack uses Cub Scouting to serve boys in the first through fifth grades. BSA requires that the charter be renewed annually to continue using the program. We call that annual renewal “re-charter”.

What else happens during re-charter? In addition to renewing the unit charter, re-charter time is when all youth and adult members (leaders) renew their membership in BSA. Member renewals are most of the work. If your unit collects all or part of its member dues or fees on an annual basis, that collection often takes place at re-charter too. Your unit should also complete the application for the Journey To Excellence Award.

Start Here!

Before going online to complete your charter renewal, it is important that you follow Scouting’s Motto… Be Prepared. We encourage you to do the following during the month of September so that when it comes time to face your computer monitor in October all the information will be at your fingertips!

NOTICE: Use our step by step guide to the left alongside the Link Below for a smoother process.

BSA Re-chartering Links

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GRAND CANYON COUNCIL, BSA click for internet re-chartering through the Grand Canyon Council –