Shooting Sports

National Shooting Sports Manual

Updated January 2015: The Shooting Sports Task Force in 2011 completed production on the newBoy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual, No. 430-938, for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing. Reference material for all levels was put into one publication. All councils should make this available to their shooting sports committees, camp leadership, and unit leaders. The manual will help provide a safe environment for youth participating in shooting sports activities.

Note about shooting sports ranges: Berm heights are under review and possible revision. Call the Outdoor Programs/Properties Department for information.

Boy Scouts of America Council Challenge Grant 2014

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has created a challenge grant program specifically for local Boy Scouts of America councils and their shooting sports programs. Challenge grant funds should reflect planning to strengthen and increase BSA council shooting sports activities and knowledge of firearms safety. Visit for more information.

Procedures to Use Public or Private Property for a Shooting Sports Range

This worksheet must be used to determine if public or private land is suitable for use as a shooting sports range.

Shooting Sports Program FAQs

Click here for information about shooting sports in all levels of Scouting.

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