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imagesCA36CHADPatrols and Dens travel on their stomachs. So if you gotta fill it, you might as well fill it well. Thus the Cooking for Scouts and Scouters resource of recipes, cooking hints, and related things. They say that food tastes better outdoors anyway, but if you don’t start with good food, I’m not sure that is true. So browse these great resources and find some awesome things to cook outdoors.




DSC_0538The Dutch Oven Cookbook , version 2.3, by Mike Audleman and John Lyver.




Happy_Old_ManThe Geezer Cookbook , by Dwayne Pritchett, with an introduction by Mark Michalski.




philmont_ranch_300x300“Philmont Country Cookbook” by Dennis Schmitt, Joe Corby, James “Jop” Joplin, and Larry E. Warlick.




DSC_0134“A Taste of Troop 928 Cookbook” by Dennis Schmitt





imagesCAUIGT4QThe Cooking Hints from Harry Simmons





2683830105_b45e0d0f1cFoil Cooking Recipes — Also called Hobo Dinners and Pocket Meals.





imagesCA708ITPThe Box Oven Cookbook — yes, you really can bake in a box