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Below is a general database of all forms guides and informational flyers put out by the BSA and Grand Canyon Council. Click on the Plus sign next to each category to expand the document list.


[accordion_item title=”Cub Scouts” accordion=”accordion”]


[accordion_item title=”2016-2017 Pack Meeting Plans” accordion=”accordion”]

September: Helpful – “To The Rescue”

October: Kind – “Creepy Crawlers”

November: Courteous – “Cubs In Shining Armor”

December: Cheerful – “Celebrate”

January: Obedient – “Cub Scout City Council”

February: Reverent – “Passport To Other Lands”

March: Loyal – “Our National Treasures”

April: Thrifty – “Power Up!”

May: Clean – “A Picnic With Pizzazz”

June: Brave – “Roaming Reptile Alert”

July: Trustworthy – “Let The Games Begin”

August: Friendly – “#CUBSCOUTS”


[accordion_item title=”2017-2018 Pack Meeting Plans” accordion=”accordion”]

September: Courteous – “How the West Was Fun”

October: Thrifty – “A-Camping We Will Go”

November: Reverent – “Cubs Give Thanks”

December: Kind – “Paying It Forward”

January: Helpful – “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”

February: Cheerful – “Abracadabra!”

March: Trustworthy – “Cub Scout Investigators”

April: Loyal – “Cubs in the Future”

May: Friendly – “Treasure Hunters”

June: Obedient – “Wheel Into Summer”

July: Brave – “Home of the Brave”

August: Clean – “Destination Parks”


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[accordion_item title=”Eagle Program” accordion=”accordion”]


[accordion_item title=”Uniform Inspection” accordion=”accordion”]

  • Uniform Inspection Sheet – Leaders
    Download PDF
  • Uniform Inspection Sheet – Boy and Varsity Scouts
    Download PDF
  • Uniform Inspection Sheet – Webelos
    Download PDF
  • Uniform Inspection Sheet – Tiger Cub and Wolf
    Download PDF[/accordion_item]


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[accordion_item title=”Medical Forms and Other Waivers” accordion=”accordion”]


[accordion_item title=”Duty To God” accordion=”accordion”]