Step 1


1. Invite each member to continue the program for another year.

2. The membership inventory provides a #8220;roll call" in which each unit member is contacted to determine the quality of program received, to follow up on absent and inactive members, and to see if everyone is registered.

This inventory is a part of the unit’s charter renewal and will assist the unit in building strength through a quality program and through its members.


  1. Select a unit adult to serve as the charter renewal processor. All members of the committee should be involved with the preparation needed to complete the online process, but best practice is that only one person completes the renewal online.
  2. Invite your Unit Commissioner to assist. If you do not know who your Unit Commissioner is, please contact your District Commissioner or District Executive.
  3. Inventory and Corrections
    1. Conduct an inventory of youth and adults who are currently active in your program.
    2. Compare your active members to the current roster from Internet Advancement, noting members who are not currently registered in your unit.
    3. Identify corrections to names (no initials or nicknames please), addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, and leadership positions.
  4. Obtain completed BSA Youth and Adult applications for all youth and adults identified above as not currently registered (obtain current Youth Protection certificates for adults). You should register all of the youth who are active, even if they only occasionally participate. Submit complete applications to the Council Service Center (Phoenix) as soon as possible. (Applications must be turned in prior to September 19th in order to show on your October 1st Internet Rechartering Download).
  5. Assign any inactive members to a designated person who will visit or contact them to attempt to reactivate them. Be sure to brief the visitors/callers on what to say when they make their calls. They will need to notate the reasons given for those who are not returning to the unit.
  6. Collect registration fees, council insurance fees and Boys’ Life subscription fees. Any new members submitted on your charter renewal will be registered in the month you turn in your recharter, so please include the appropriate registration fees for these new members. Units sponsored by the LDS Church should only collect $12.00 for any Boys Life subscriptions.
  7. Beginning October 1, 2014 go to and click on the Internet Rechartering button to complete your annual charter renewal process. Refer to the instruction sheets included in your Recharter envelope, and the back of this page.

LDS wards are encouraged to select one person to serve as renewal processor for the Pack, Troop, Team and Crew. Pay special attention to ensure youth are properly promoted between the different programs (from Pack to Troop, Troop to Team, and Team to Crew).

Step 2: How to Have a Successful Re-charter



REMEMBER: Select one adult to be the renewal processor for the online Internet Recharter processing.

NOTE: Beginning October 1st, the renewal processor can go onto the council website, follow the links to the Internet Recharter software application and begin the online renewal.

  1. Select First-Time User and enter the unit access code (located on the label on your envelope).
    1. PLEASE NOTE: Each year your Unit has a new Access Code, and you will be a new user the first time you log on.
  2. Select the unit type (Pack, Troop, Team, Crew) and enter the unit number (4 digit number).
  3. Create a password as instructed.
  4. Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by logging on as a Returning User, reentering your access code and password. NOTE: Each time you log on, select Update Unit Roster in step 2. This will add any members who have been registered with your unit since the last time you loaded your roster in the Internet Rechartering system.
  5. The Promote Member feature works by #8220;pulling" a youth from the lower unit into the higher unit. The Promote Member feature is only available when working with the Troop, Team or Crew charter renewal within the same Chartering Organization. To use the Promote Members feature, we recommend you begin with the earliest program level (for example… Cub Scouts). While processing the Troop recharter, the Promote Member feature is used to pull the Scouts’ information from the Pack roster to the Troop roster. NOTE – In LDS units, if a scout has a birthday in December and would be promoted to the next level on his birthday, you should promote him at the time of your recharter.
  6. Avoid duplicate fees - in the Update Fee section, indicate adults and youth whose 2015 registration fees are paid for in another unit (multiple registrations), particularly the Chartered Organization Representative. See more detailed instructions on #8220;Recording a Member as a No-Fee Multiple" in the packet.
  7. Here’s how to wrap it up: When you’ve completed all the information, click the Submit button
  8. THIS IS IMPORTANT – Print TWO COPIES of the Unit Charter Renewal Report (keep one for your records), which includes the charter renewal application and lists of youth and adult members.
  9. Complete the Unit Charter Renewal Fees Worksheet on the Unit Recharter Kit envelope. Then, place all of the above forms and council copies of new youth and adult applications (including YPT certificates), along with your fee payment into the envelope. LDS units provide their own accident injury insurance, and Church Headquarters in Salt Lake is billed directly for LDS units (except for Boys’ Life, which individuals can pay for themselves). Turn in the envelope at the district turn-in meeting. The package must be turned in or your Unit(s) WILL NOT BE REGISTERED.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Some of our boys only attend meetings and activities occasionally. Do they need to be registered? Register ALL youth, even if they only occasionally participate.
  • I scanned and emailed (or faxed) the adult application(s) to council. What should I do with the original copy now that I have confirmed they are registered? Units must not keep them on file! The original copy (council copy) contains sensitive information (i.e. SSN). They should be returned to the individual or destroyed by SHREADING.
  • Why can’t I enter the Social Security Numbers for our new adult leaders in the Internet Rechartering window? SSN entry fields and references have been removed from Internet Rechartering. The Scouting Service Center will assume the responsibility of entering SSNs for new adult leader applicants once the renewal has been submitted through Internet Rechartering, and the completed adult registration and disclosure/authorization form has been received (with Youth Protection certificate) at the Service Center.

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