Merit Badges with Approved Counselors in the South Mountain District

Steps for Receiving a Merit Badge

  1. Check the Local Units Roster at the top of the website to determine what group you are with.
  2. Contact Your Local Ocotillo District Scout Master to receive current contact information for Merit Badge Counselor.
  3. Obtain a blue card from your scoutmaster and schedule a time to meet with your Merit Badge Counselor
  4. Once all requirements are met turn your blue card back into your Scoutmaster. The Merit Badge Counselor can help you with this step if you unsure about how to fill a blue card out

Please contact the South Mountain District Merit Badge Committee for a list of current merit badge counselors. The merit badge counselor list will be distributed to unit leaders only (scoutmaster, varsity coach, and venture crew advisers). This is for the protection of our merit badge counselors.

All merit badge counselors are approved and registered through the Ocotillo District-Grand Canyon Council.