The Backpacker’s Survival

Guide to Long Nights on the Trail Here’s the deal. You’re heading out on a 10 to 20 day backpacking trip. You’ve planned it out, you’ve stocked everything, but now you need a plan B. You’re going to need a plan B because the reality is you have about as much time as you have

Overcoming Anxiety

3 Ways to Control Your State of Mind At such times, it is best to know how to control your state of mind and stay healthy. Food for the mind goes hand in hand with the state of mind. The mind can’t help but think but food for the mind. You are the food the

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Reclaiming My Personal Power

It is true that there are so many books in the world today that speak about the importance of further developing our own personal power. But have you ever considered listening to some audio tapes? I had a chance to discover this recently when I went to check out the stuff on the HOLDCO. If